Combatting Stereotypes

It seems there are many ways of attempting to lessen stereotyping behavior but they have varying degrees of effectiveness and practicality. Although this is not an easy problem to solve, current literature persists in trying to deal with this insidious phenomenon. One article titled “Not Just For Stereotyping Anymore: Racial Essentialism Reduces Domain-General Creativity” outlines a study conducted by Carmit Tadmor, examining the relationship between racial essentialism and general domain creativity. In it, the experimenters prime the participants with racial essentialism and then test creativity using Duckner’s Candle task and a task asking to think of as many ways to use a brick as possible. Result showed that those primed with racial essentialism performed more poorly on the creativity measures. I would like to see an extension of this by looking at the possibility of the reverse. Can creative priming effect racially biased stereotyping? Although no studies have tested this idea, it has a high potential upside and very strong implications.


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