The Unconscious Affects the Conscious

With so much information rich stimuli flooding our conscious experience, our attention is often too far stretched to give sufficient thoughtfulness to all of the components of each situation. With that being said, it is also important to note that the information in reality, although not consciously perceived, may very well still have a significant impact on our thoughts and moods. This can lead to a cyclical nature in the realms of cognition and affect. For example, if a mood is unconsciously influenced by some primer, it can influence other mood congruous thoughts that perpetuate the disposition. This all occurs unconsciously and automatically as the individual is unaware of the process. Because of this, the individual fails to have successful introspective discovery, leaving themselves subject to the unconsciously induced mood. It is a thought provoking and scary thought that our lives can be so seriously impacted by things we never truly are aware of.


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