A Life of Heuristics

With this idea of how advanced and successful humans are, it is remarkable to think of how wrong we can be even in simple instances. Although they may fail us in situations that may seem elementary, the general effectiveness may be the reason for our self-appraisal of how effective we are with general functioning. Looking at things like gambling, we see that some factors moderate how we go about coming to conclusions. First off, salience plays a major role in the operation of availability heuristics. In the case of gambling, people overestimate the odds of winning because stories of winning are far more interesting, publicized and attractive. When examining life critically, we can see how much heuristics really influence our existence yet, yet we can seldom consciously alter our use of them. Even through consciousness raising exercises, effects would be minimal and short-lived. It just goes to show one aspect of our living experience that is seemingly unchangeable and truly human.


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