Have Technological Advances Changed How We View People?

Over the weekend, I met someone who said to me “If you’re not weird, you’re weird”.  Although it seems to be a self-violating phrase, I understood what she meant.  Perhaps it could be explained by claiming that there is no “real” normal or by saying that everyone is weird in some way. What does this statement really reflect about our society?  Are people these days more accepting of the vast individual differences exhibited by each unique person?  How would this phrase be approached in a different time period?  If we as a people are more accepting of other people currently, it may be because of an increase in the availability of communication.  New technology has allowed us to reach out to more people in different circumstances, promoting a heightened familiarity with the individualities that mark the human experience. The social environment has altered and shaped how we think about people and how we interact with them.


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